I Love Cupertino & Chinese
It is more than just something we love to say at New Life. We believe it is what God says of Cupertino as well. With that belief in mind, we want to share this Great News with our whole community. To do so, check this page for events throughout the summer for various activities and events designed to share God's love with the Cupertino community.

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With all that life brings, it can be easy to forget how to be a good neighbor. During this annual campaign before Thanksgiving, we "practice" our neighboring skills through giving, serving, and loving projects locally & around the world.

For more information about this year's projects, click the button below.

Everyone wants to be happy. But what makes us happy? 

Why is happiness easy to find, but hard to keep?

We have all looked for happiness in buying something, in dating someone, or in pursuing some status, only to find happiness wasn’t included or didn’t last. Join us as we discover together what really makes us Happy starting Sunday, October 8 at 11am.

If you haven't been to church in a while or aren't sure you're ready to "go to church", we would love for you to check out an online service we posted for New Year's Weekend at online.nlnc.org! Watching this online service could be a great way to get to know us a little better. In this service, you will hear a song from one of our leaders, Kyle, and listen to a New Year's message from our Lead Pastor, Chris.