We love Cupertino - Volunteers

This is more than just something we say at New Life. This is our mission. We want Cupertino and beyond to know we love this community because we believe there is a God who loves this community as well.

With that belief in mind, we want to be known for giving, serving, and loving Cupertino. Below you will find some of the events and partnerships we have created to share that love with Cupertino and beyond.

If you are looking for a safe way to have fun for Halloween, you are invited to our Costume & Block Party on Sunday, October 27!

The fun starts during our 10:30am service where kids (and adults) can dress in their favorite not-so-scary costumes. Our kids will have a special service with singing, games, and fun while the adults talk about balancing work and life, sing songs, and sip coffee.

Then after the service about 12noon, we will have a Block Party in our Courtyard with grilled food, games, bounce house, and more for everybody!

You can come just for the Block Party, for the 10:30am service, or both!

To love our community, we have formed partnerships with existing local & global nonprofit organizations who are already supporting, loving, and meeting the needs of our community. These nonprofits do amazing work that we want to encourage and invest in with our resources. Click above to learn more about our partners and how we partner with them.

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Last year, we hosted 2 workshops designed to provide some help to our community in 2 important areas - anxiety & parenting.

Many of us struggle to overcome and manage our anxiety. For some, social situations can be particularly paralyzing. For others, demands at work make us anxious. Then there is family, aging parents, kids, and our significant others. Below is the link to the many of the resources from the workshop we hosted on anxiety.

Parenting can be difficult for many reasons, but particularly because our kids are constantly changing! As soon as we discover something that works with our parenting, our kids grow into a different phase. Contact us at the button below, and we would love to share the notes & resources we discussed about the opportunities we can leverage as parents in each unique phase of a child's life.

If you haven't been to church in a while or aren't sure you're ready to "go to church", we would love for you to join us online at online.nlnc.org the weekend of Dec 30, 2018. Watching this online service could be a great way for you to get to know us a little better. In this service, you will hear a song led by our Worship Leader, Rick, and our band, followed by a short message from our Lead Pastor, Chris.