Thanks for donating

Thanks for your interest in supporting New Life Church financially.

As followers of Jesus, we don't give to the local church out of obligation, but rather as a response to the undeserved favor God has shown us. As an act of acknowledging God's control & ownership of our lives, we give back to Him through the local church. Giving back to God changes lives - ours and the people we're impacting.

Your financial support & generosity enables us to create environments for you and your family to invite your unchurched neighbors to connect with God & others. Your support also helps us support charitable work locally & globally. Your donations to New Life Church are tax-deductible, and we provide each donor with an itemized giving statement every January.

Donations may be made by clicking one of the buttons below, by mailing a check, by giving in a worship service, by setting up New Life Church on your BillPay, or through stock donations.

General Offerings / Tithe

For those that call New Life Church their home, the "tithe" is a standard that is taught in the Bible. Giving the first 10% of our income to the church is one way for us to put God first in our lives. It is an act of worship that shows our faith in God, gratitude to Him, and our love for other people.

Disaster Relief

As disasters happen in our country and around the world, we want to partner with the organizations who arrive first to help the people in need and those who are the last to leave to continue the rebuilding effort. All money donated goes to the organizations on the ground helping people.

Local Compassion

Our local compassion fund is set aside to help individuals and families in our local community with short-term financial needs, such as providing food coupons to the homeless, helping a local family with unexpected medical bills, or local disaster relief & support.

Missions / Faith Promise

Missions (also called "Faith Promise") is designated giving specifically to share God's love with people around the world. This includes telling others about Jesus, disaster relief, pastor and teacher training, support of Nazarene schools, universities, and medical facilities, and other opportunities that provide help and assistance.

Stock & Other Gifts

To donate stocks or other gifts, please contact our Treasurer.

Special Offerings

Occasionally we will announce a short designated giving campaign for a specific cause.