21 Days of Prayer

From the beginning of time, God desires to communicate with us. When things are going well, not so well, or somewhere in between, we can come to God in prayer.

If you’ve never prayed, not in a while, or you pray frequently, you are invited to join us on this prayer journey.

We are committing collectively as a church to spend 21 Days in Prayer as a way to start the new year. This will be an opportunity for each of us to take steps to seek God and trust Him to impact our lives, our community, and our church.

Will you join us for the next 21 days in praying for God’s power and direction in our lives and through our church?

How to Get Started

#1 Commit to a time and place.

#2 Download the Prayer Guide below.

#3 Complete the form below to receive email or text reminders and resources during this journey.

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