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Love Challenge

Instagram - Love Challenge

As part of our How to Neighbor campaign, we are practicing loving our neighbors. Here are 3 ways you can participate.

#1 Thank You Cards
Through our partnership with Foster the Bay, we want to express appreciation and gratitude to the social workers who serve our community with foster kids, birth families, and foster families. Their work is often very difficult and goes unappreciated. During this challenge, we have thank you cards anyone can fill out and return to us to deliver to these social workers.

#2 Love Cards
As a way to express love to those around us, we are challenging each other to pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you, bake cookies for a neighbor, or other acts of love. When we do this, hand them one of the Love Cards that says “Something extra to show you God loves you…and so do we.” Share your stories of how you do this with us through social media or email.

#3 Fire Relief
Many people have inquired about how to help those who are suffering from the wildfires. Because we have direct contact with 6 families who have lost everything, purchase a gift card to Target or WalMart, bring it to church, and we will hand deliver them to these families in need. Online donations are also accepted by clicking the button below.

* As always, we would love to hear stories of how you love your neighbor through social media, email, or tell us on Sunday!

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