Preventative Groups Week #1

Last Sunday we wrapped up "Five Things that Grow Our Faith" by talking about Providential Relationships.  Those relationships that really have impacted our faith in God through a conversation, a series of conversations, or just through watching the way they lived.  When our relationships intersect God's timing, our faith grows.

While we can't make a Providential Relationship happen, we can put ourselves in places & positions to have a better opportunity to do that.  Primarily, our focus to make those relationships happen is through Small Groups or Life Groups.  Reading Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, we see Solomon's wisdom in having people around to help us when we fall.  In many cases, having people just a bit ahead of us can even prevent us from falling.

Join us the next few weeks as we discuss the power of being connected to a Life Group, and we will give you an opportunity to find or start a group!