Mother's Day - Comparison Trap

Comparing is something most of us begin doing at an early age.  We compare to see if we measure up, are ok, and fit in.  The problem is that there is no finish line to these comparisons; they could go on forever.  There  will always be someone nicer, better, and with more.

Add to this the fact that many of us also compare our spouses, kids, families, and friends to other people's spouses, kids, families, and friends where we drive ourselves and these people crazy!

Should we just fold our hands and sit on the sideline of life so we don't compare ourselves?  King Solomon actually speaks to this in Ecclesiastes 4:4-8, and he offers us maybe the most powerful advice in verse 6.

Solomon says it is better to grab all we can with one hand and keep one hand open than to use both hands to grab all we can.  When we keep one hand open, we allow God to place in it and take out what He wants.  One hand open allows us to have peace, tranquility, and trust in God.  Both hands closed results in stress & no peace.  It also means there is something you can't grab, while you hold on to things God may want to take from you.