YOUnited States of America - Week #4

Everyone has had a moment when we had to answer the question - what do you do when your body wants what your heart knows is wrong?  Your answer to that question can speak to the success and/or happiness you feel.

Unfortunately this is nothing new for humanity.  Back in ancient Israel, one of their leaders Samson faced the same dilemma.

Samson had been set apart for something extraordinary even before his birth.  He had superhuman strength that God was going to use to rescue the nation of Israel, and God's Spirit rested on Samson in a special way.

Unfortunately Samson's desire for the enemy's women got in the way of what he knew was right.  He was so intoxicated by what his body wanted that he did some very stupid things and went to the edge of disaster...and eventually over the edge.  

You have the freedom to do what your body wants or what your heart knows is right.  Because your body can be the temple of God's Spirit, you should honor God with your body.