My Bad Religious Experience - Week #1

Religion is one of the taboo topics in our culture. However, unlike politics, sports, or technology, religion doesn't have the same type empirical evidence to support positions, arguments, or beliefs. Many people rely on their religious experiences to determine what or how they feel about religion. Unfortunately, all religions have created bad experiences that have pushed people away, especially Christianity.

One of the big obstacles for many people searching for "god" or meaning through religion is that it can seem like an exclusive club designed for exclusive people. There is a way things are done, disciplines to practice, routines to do, and expectations to meet. All of these can create an atmosphere where outsiders can't join or don't fit in. This isn't a problem if religion is all just kind of made up.

But what if God really did something in the 1st century for everybody? If we look at Jesus' life against the actions of the early church, we see that the church was becoming an exclusive club for exclusive people.  In Romans 3, however, Paul shows us that Jesus' message is for everybody so the church should be for everybody too!