Breathing Room - Week #4

In our effort to get the most out of life, we continually try to cram one more thing into our life and eventually the whole thing breaks. We end up with a mess.

Usually this shows itself relationally. Relationships thrive with breathing room. Relationships die when we live at our limits.

Part of the struggle is that we don't always realize that we will cheat someone. There is not enough time in life to get everything done, talk with the important people, and achieve everything. Choosing who we will cheat helps us to be more intentional about who/what we will spend time on.

Paul discusses how we are to submit ourselves to people, particularly for married people to our spouses. We are never called to submit ourselves to our careers, progress, or any other healthy tasks. We only have a few unique roles, so we shouldn't trade what is unique to us for something someone else will do eventually.