Breathing Room - Week #3

When we talked about time, we acknowledged that our time is limit, so we need to limit what we do with our time.  However, when it comes to money, we don't necessarily have to limit what we do with our money.  We can't borrow time; we can borrow money.

Without breathing room financially we feel pressure & stress in our relationships.  Usually we do this because we have bought into a lie that "standard of living" is the same as "quality of life".  However, this is not true and some of us have already experienced this truth.  We make more now that we ever have, but we aren't happy or satisfied.  

If there really is a God who knows our names and cares about us, He cares more about our quality of life than our standard of living.  Jesus taught that we shouldn't put much value in standard of living "stuff" because it can be destroyed or stolen.  Jesus encouraged us to put our value in quality of life - relationships with people & with God - and create financial breathing room.