See the world

We all have a way we see the world.  We all also have lens through which we see the world that have been impacted by family, experiences, and people.

Unfortunately we have all become accustomed to the way we see the world.  Sometimes we blame everything and everyone around us, but the truth is our view needs to change and adapt.

What if God wanted to challenge the way all of us see the world?  In Acts 9, we see a glimpse of how God can challenge and adjust how we see the world.  Saul saw the Christianity as a threat and distraction from those truly following God.  God challenged the way Saul and a Christian enemy, Ananias, saw Him and the way He works.  Even Ananias, who was following Jesus, had his views challenged.  No matter where you are on any spectrum (politics, religious, relationships, etc.) God might want to adjust your view of the world.