We value... - Week #3

If God answered all our prayers, for many of us the only people impacted would be us and our families. It is easy to just pray safe, small prayers that don't involve any risk or sacrifice.

However, when we look at the early church, they prayed and lived very differently. In Acts 4 & 5, the church leaders were faced with persecution, yet they prayed for more boldness knowing they could be harmed along the way. Even when they were severely beaten or killed, the early Christians continued to live out and pray a bold faith.

To accomplish our mission & vision, we have to value...God-sized goals that might involve risk & sacrifice. One way to verify if the goal is large enough is to ask "Is this something we could achieve on our own or only with God's help?"

These type of goals might involve risk & sacrifice, but safe and comfortable was not the way Jesus came to live. We have been entrusted with the most important message of new life, and we can't become trapped by small meaningless goals.