YOUnited States of America - Week #1

Freedom can be great!  In fact, all of us desire it in some form.  However, freedom without responsibility leads to problems.  Individual rights must be coupled with individual responsibilities.

Many times we hope that the law will provide those responsibilities.  However the law only represents the minimum requirement and won't inspire greatness, excellence, or virtue.  If only the law regulates our freedoms, it is a recipe for us to be as selfish as we legally can.

Our hope isn't in who we elect or what laws we should pass, though you should vote and be informed.  If only Christians would treat their freedom like Paul instructed in Galatians 5, our country could change dramatically.  You are to leverage your freedom for the sake of the freedom of those around you.  If we don't do this, we will devour ourselves in our quest to be free as individuals.