YOUnited States of America - Week #2

We all desire freedom.  It is actually a big part of the American dream - to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. Sometimes we add the long as you don't hurt anyone.

This is similar to the state where we find the nation of Israel in the beginning of the book of Judges during the time God was supposed to be their King. However, the nation abandoned His law in favor of what they thought was freedom. Even though they made a commitment to follow God and his standards, they thought they were gaining freedom from their King by choosing another set of standards. However, actually they were just trading one king for another.

Sometimes we do the same thing thinking

  • we are choosing to do what we want
  • we deserve this
  • we have the freedom to do it
  • no one can tell us what to do

When in reality, we are simply trading one king for another because eventually what started as an expression of our freedom has now mastered us. Because you were designed to be ruled, not to be autonomous.