Guardrails - Week #3

God knows something about all of us because what has been true of all humanity is true of you & me.  God's chief competitor for your heart is your money.

Jesus was very clear in Matthew 6:24 that you cannot serve both God and money.  Whatever money or stuff represent for you - safety, security, opportunities, material possessions, or control  - the pursuit of those things can capture your heart. Then we are led towards one of two danger zones - saving or consuming.  We justify our positions by saying...

  • I'm a saver
  • I'm careful
  • I'm just a spender
  • I enjoy life

The problem is that both danger zones can be self-centered, fueled by greed, and leave us living as if there is no God.  God uses the habit of giving to combat money from being the master of our hearts and lives.  Giving a percentage of our money away helps us remember that not everything that comes our way is for our consumption.

  • What guardrails do you need to establish for consuming or saving?
  • Are you giving away a percentage of your income?

Giving to your local church is a great way to support the mission of God and to remember that God is the Master of your life not money.