Guardrails - Week #4

All of us regardless of our spiritual beliefs, have hopes and dreams for our future. For those of us who are Christians, we even believe that God could use us to positively impact the future. However, we all also have the potential to miss that future because of how we manage our appetites or desires.

There are many appetites beyond food like an appetite for progress, love, responsibility, or things. If we don't keep our appetites in check, we all know that disaster could be close by.

In Genesis 25 we learn from the story of Jacob & Esau that we shouldn't trade our future for a bowl of stew. Our appetites can cause us to sacrifice future opportunities and relationships. Re-framing the decision in light of how it could impact future is one way to handle this.

What appetite guardrails do you need to establish to protect the future God may have for you?