My Bad Religious Experience - Week #3

Have you ever been bored in a religious service? We all could probably relate. Maybe it was uninteresting, irrelevant, unhelpful, just unnecessary, or something outside the communicator's responsibility. Whatever the reason, the longer we are bored in a religious experience the more we begin to endure the religious experience. The longer we endure the religion the more likely we are to endure "god".

At that point, we probably don't have a completely accurate view of "god", but rather

  • a pocket-sized "god"
  • a religious checklist
  • do's and don'ts 

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus said some helpful words to an audience who were weary & burdened from enduring religion. They had been enduring a religion that was handed down to them through the generations. They had ten main laws that became surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of other laws meant to support the ten main laws. However, those extra laws made their religion so cumbersome it wasn't a relationship anymore. Jesus came to change that.

Some of the problem can come from religious aspects that are meant to help us with our relationship with God  - prayer, scriptures, serving & giving. Focusing on the relationship with not the responsibility to God can help.