My Bad Religious Experience - Week #4

For some people, their bad religious experience began when the religion behaved like a location or valued the location/building over the people.  When religion behaves like a location, it can make for a bad religious experience.

Jesus speaks directly to how Christians should behave and what the church should be.  In Matthew 16, Jesus gives us insight into his intentions for what the church should be.  Keeping in mind this context of Jesus & the disciples, it is even more amazing:

  • They didn't travel more than 30 miles around Jesus' home
  • The religious leaders hated Jesus
  • There were only 13 of them
  • The Romans had conquered everything

With that in mind 2,000 years ago, Jesus predicts a global gathering or movement of people that will be unstoppable.  He didn't predict a location, a building, or a cathedral.  He predicted a gathering or congregation of people.

For us to be a movement not just a building, we have to :

  1. move towards messes
  2. have some disorganization
  3. embrace change
  4. impact the community