My Bad Religious Experience - Week #5

How do you feel when you realize someone just wants something from you? Maybe your boss,  your friend, or that marketing phone call, if that is the general direction of a relationship, it is not as enjoyable.

If that is your view of religion and God (that He only wants something from you), then that definitely could lead to a bad religious experience. Thankfully Jesus' philosophy of life was different.

As we look at John 13, we see that Jesus was close to His crucifixion, He was still trying to love & prepare His disciples for the future.  Immediately after He knew that His Father had given him authority over everything, He washed His disciples feet.  He could have done anything, asked for anything, and leveraged anybody for His benefit, but He chose to serve others instead. He continued to demonstrate who God was...

God doesn't want anything FROM you.

God wants something FOR you.